• Image of Workshop: Indigo Blue
  • Image of Workshop: Indigo Blue
  • Image of Workshop: Indigo Blue
  • Image of Workshop: Indigo Blue

Experience the magic of indigo dyeing and learn the steps involved in creating your own indigo vat in this full-day workshop with horticulturist and natural dyer Julia Billings.

After preparing our vat together, we’ll take time while it rests to look into the history of this old and venerated dyestuff and the various different kinds of vats you can choose to work with. We’ll prepare yarn and fabric to dye both solid colours and patterning (using shibori methods, such as clamping, binding and stitching) and then dip them in the vat multiple times to achieve a range of shades. 

Over the course of the workshop, we’ll cover the key aspects of dyeing with indigo (fibre preparation, creating and maintaining a vat at home, over-dyeing to create complex colours, safe handling and disposal and other tips and tricks) and you’ll have the chance to dye small pieces brought from home in the vat- please feel free to bring along items made from natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen, wool, leather and wood.

Please wear clothes that can take a splash or two of indigo and bring a notebook and pen with you.

Date: Saturday August 18

Time: 10am- 4.30pm

Location: Battlefield, Glasgow. This workshop is being held in a private flat and the address is given on booking. Please note that the flat is located on the third floor of an old tenement- if you have any questions or wish to discuss accessibility before booking, please contact me via jules@woollenflower.com.

Included: All materials, comprehensive notes on processes covered, 100gm of yarn and samples of fabric dyed in the workshop, plus lunch, tea and cake!

Cost: £55 (limited to 8 participants)

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