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My name is Julia Billings. With a background in horticulture and forever something on my knitting needles, woollenflower is where I explore how plants and textiles meet in natural dyeing and botanically-inspired knitted colourwork. 

My yarns are made from high-quality natural fibres and dyed with plants collected around my neighbourhood in Glasgow, food waste and sustainably-produced raw plant material and dye extracts. I use plants tested by time for fastness but these soft shades, like all natural dyes, may change and develop over time, a quality valued by many cultures.

I make woollen accessories on a hand-operated, vintage knitting machine at home- at the moment, that's Glasgow, Scotland, but I originally hail from Melbourne, Australia. I work with yarns made from 100% lambswool and spun in Scotland and the EU in rich, soft and earthy colours. Patterning is inspired by the botanical world and many of the motifs I use are sourced or expanded from ethnic handknitting traditions. 

I also make small runs of tweed pouches from worn-out Harris tweed jackets or lengths of vintage tweed collected both in Australia and here in Scotland. These were originally intended as knitting tool pouches but function beautifully to store any treasures you might like to carry with you.

Although I use a hand-operated knitting machine to knit the fabric for my knits, I consider my products to be hand-crafted: I put a lot of care and time into dyeing so that colours last and develop with time, hand-seaming my knits to ensure perfect pattern-matching and unpicking jackets in order to reclaim as much fabric as possible. All products are carefully pressed for a lovely finish. I hope that you get as much joy from using them as I get from making them...

I update the shop every month or so and announce the update 24 hours beforehand on my blog and Instagram and via my monthly newsletter which you can subscribe to through my blog. Please follow me to keep abreast with what's coming to the shop!

I'm very happy to take custom orders and to collaborate on colour or pattern- just drop me a line...